Start earning free crypto today!

First step, go to this site. Use an email address to create a Coinpot wallet account.

This is one of the most popular faucets, and lets you claim free Bitcoin (BTC) as often as you like. Registering on there will create a Coinpot wallet for you, this is where your free coins will go 🙂 It can hold Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. The faucets for the other coins are below, again use the same email address as you used for the first website or you will end up with multiple Coinpot wallets which is messy. You want all free coins going into the one wallet!

Lite / Doge / Dash

The amount they drip per hour decreases over time so for the most reward per day you want to be claiming every hour or so but if you don't remember and come back a few hours later then the hourly rate is still good. It doesn't matter, they keep dripping coins but the hourly rate resets back to the highest when you make your claim 😉 Awesome!

OK once that is set up, using the same email address for the next two faucets, you will have three sources of Bitcoin going into your Coinpot and not into 3 separate places. Why is this better? There is a fee to withdraw bitcoin if under a certain amount but free if over that amount, so you will hit the fee free limit sooner.

Here are the next two:

On Bitfun, check the Offers page also and you can earn loads of satoshis easily and speed up your free bitcoin earnings ! 
If you are at a computer all day, keep these two open in tabs and just claim as and when you do through the day. Bitfun is as fast as every 3 minutes and Bonusbitcoin is every 15 minutes.
Your free bitcoin will now start to accrue at a much faster rate 🙂

Freebitcoin gives a slow hourly rate of bitcoin however once you have a bunch in there, there is a way to multiply them 😉 Start collecting now and build up and I will be updating the details of how to multiply them soon!

What looks like not much soon adds up, once you have accumulated some free bitcoin you can withdraw to an exchange like Bittrex, Waves DEX etc and use it to buy and sell other coin, or you can just let it build up for the future. It's up to you. I like trading with it though 🙂